The 5 songs for my debut EP «brutally honest» are ready to go into production. Help me to realize my dream, so that my songs may also conquer your world.
by Lagioia, Zürich
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Brexit Bedrooms

Photography, Music, and Community
What does Brexit mean for musicians? Portrayed in their bedrooms, they candidly told me about their fears, thoughts and dreams. These will now be turned into a photography book.
by Tatjana Rüegsegger and Sarah Kahn, Zürich and London
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Science, Technology, and Environment
Ein elektrisches, geländegängiges Transportfahrzeug für die Land- und Kommunalwirtschaft ist unser grosses Ziel. Ein Weltrekord am höchsten Vulkan der Welt treibt dies voran – unterstütze uns dabei!
by DDP Innovation, Sevelen
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One In Ten Times OOAM

Photography, Publishing, and Festival
A book that illuminates the tenth edition of the music festival «One Of A Million» in Baden from a personal and artistic point of view.
by OOAM Festival, Baden
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