Community, Kids / Youth, and Sport

Beyrouth and Sion

Social skatepark in Beirut

by Alexandre Rausis

Allow children and youth in Beirut to access an inclusive skatepark. In collaboration with local communities, we will work to make this space safe and sustainable.

CHF 20’561
137 %
140 backers

Exhibition, Food, and Festival


Salon de la Bière 2019

by Salon de la Bière

Support the Swiss brewers by financing the country's largest gathering of microbreweries. Our goal: a big day of beer tasting to (re)discover craft beer.

CHF 18’446
122 %
221 backers

Architecture, Community, and Tourism

Martigny, Praya, and Lausanne


by PuraWorka

Launching vibrant CoWorking spaces in beautiful destinations around the world! Developing a new physical&digital experience with ecosystem partnerships to foster a pure balance between work&lifestyle!

CHF 63’192
105 %
252 backers



Le Farinet

by Nicolas Pfister

Le Farinet est une monnaie locale, complémentaire et citoyenne 100% valaisanne destinée à dynamiser le commerce local.

CHF 25’619
128 %
263 backers

Food, Fair Trade, and Community

Lausanne and Samaya

Kibili Project

by Enfants des collines

Avocado oil as a development lever for Guinea.

CHF 50’890
127 %
272 backers