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To the Edge of the World

Science and Publishing


To the Edge of the World

by Sandra Walser

How a Swiss became one of the the first polar tourists in history... A journey through space, time, and the mystical landscapes of the High North. (Please note: The book will be published in German.)

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Point de Suisse (Book)

Publishing, art, and Politics

Zurich and Lausanne

Point de Suisse (Book)

by Com&Com (Gossolt/Hedinger)

Point de Suisse ist eine künstlerisch inszenierte Volksbefragung von Com&Com (Gossolt/Hedinger) in Kollaboration mit Milo Rau und Rolf Bossart vom IIPM.

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Still – Brigitte Lustenberger

Photography, art, and Publishing

Berne, Zurich, and Lausanne

Still – Brigitte Lustenberger

by Brigitte Lustenberger

I, Brigitte Lustenberger, plan to publish my two recent bodies of works «Previously on …» and «Still Untitled». Support me and get a signed copy of the book «STILL»!

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