Water for the Oasis

Agriculture, Community, and Environment

Mhamid and Geneva

Water for the Oasis

by Sarah G and Sissi de Giuli Jadid, Zafranitrek

Help us build a new well in M'Hamid el Ghizlane (south Morocco)! It will benefit a large number of families and help to revive a part of the oasis that is suffering from drought.

106 %
CHF 17’100
169 backers
Wärmebildkamera für Schafalp

Agriculture, Environment, and Animals


Seit Jahren sind wir auf Schweizer Schafalpen unterwegs. Um die Schafe besser vor dem Wolf schützen zu können, benötigen wir eine Wärmebildkamera.

109 %
CHF 4’160
53 backers
International Day Conscience

Community, Kids / Youth, and Environment


International Day Conscience

by Collectif D'ONG- Journée Internationale de la Conscience

Our event is dedicated to the youth of the world. We invite you to open together with conscience, new ways of love and peace for non-violent, fairer and happier societies.

108 %
CHF 2’700
22 backers
Echanges éducatif en Nambie

Community and Education


Notre projet est basés sur un principe d'échanges autour des pratiques éducatives de l’enfant avec une équipe namibienne. Nous allons nous rendre sur place afin de partager nos enseignements.

125 %
CHF 2’000
40 backers
Rosa Buch

Politics, Community, and Literature


Rosa Buch

by Anna & Flavien

The Rosa Buch is for queers and their peers - everyone. But paper prices have skyrocketed, and we need the community’s support so that the book doesn’t become a deficit project.

107 %
CHF 21’507
397 backers
A new school year!

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Chiang Dao

A new school year!

by Luigi Jorio

The children of the boarding school at Wat Arunothai (Thailand) escaped from poverty and armed conflicts. They need our help to keep going to school and to live in a safe place.

102 %
CHF 8’593
52 backers
Time Machine dans 7 villes

Film, Festival, and Kids / Youth

Suisse and Neuchâtel

Time Machine dans 7 villes

by Senders Production

Imaginez un événement avec vos ami·es, un film culte, des friperies, un foodtruck et tout ça dans un cinéma! C'est 𝐓୲𝜧𝐄 𝜧ᗩᥫ𝝜୲ℕ𝐄. Nous voulons débarquer dans 6 nouvelles villes, grâce à vous!

125 %
CHF 5’639
52 backers
Rehkitz vor Mähtod retten

Agriculture and Animals


In der Schweiz sterben jährlich mehrere tausend Rehkitze bei der Heuernte. Am sichersten und erfolgreichsten ist das Aufspüren der Rehkitze mit Wärmebildkamera und Drohne aus der Luft.

103 %
CHF 6’720
39 backers
Troll Waldkinder

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education


Troll Waldkinder

by Trollwaldkinder

Support us to continue Troll Waldkinder! We want to expand the our care offering - for a better compatibility of family and work. We are replacing old material to be up to date.

117 %
CHF 35’230
111 backers
Alpomat: the mini farm store

Food, agriculture, and Environment


Alpomat: the mini farm store

by Alpomat and Kleinbauern-Vereinigung

A farm store, but in the middle of the city! The Alpomat offers the best regional farm and alpine products directly from the farm. Sustainable for all: fair prices, environmentally & animal friendly.

115 %
CHF 40’405
201 backers

Community, Environment, and Education

St. Gallen


by Meter and Lea, Adrian & Marco

Unterstütze uns im Aufbau einer öffentlich zugänglichen Werkstatt in St.Gallen. Unsere Vision ist es, allen einen Zugang zu einer Holz-, Metall-, Keramik- und Textilwerkstatt zu ermöglichen.

106 %
CHF 35’480
318 backers
MALOA Online Shop

Startup, Community, and Environment


MALOA Online Shop

by MALOA, Micheline, and Luca

Support us in building an online store for plastic-free and eco-friendly household management. With the convenient monthly subscription solution, we make the switch in the household easier than ever.

100 %
CHF 27’586
232 backers

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