Ukraine Stories

Publishing, Politics, and Journalism
A platform to give a voice and financial support to Ukrainian and Russian journalists affected by war or censorship.
by Geneva Solutions, Fondation pour l'innovation et la diversité dans l'information, and Serge Michel, Suisse and Ukrainka
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LABISK.OT eco-activewear

Fashion, Sport, and Environment
LABISK.OT combines nature, performance and design to follow your everyday movements. Today I'm reaching out to you to launch the production of LABISK.OT x VICON capsule collection on pre-order.
by LABISK.OT, Geneva
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Gaya menstrual lingerie

Fashion and Environment
Gaya bietet Menstruationswäsche an, die die Monatsbinden mit einmaligem Gebrauch ersetzen. Eine gesunde und langlebige Unterwäsche, damit alle Frauen ihren Menstruationszyklus gelassen erleben können.
by Élodie and Chloé, Sion
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Impact Fund 2021: Next Level

Together, we can do it: We are giving 20 top crowdfunding projects, all of which have exhibited a positive impact on climate – a boost. Get involved today to help shape a better world for tomorrow.
by Verein Impact2020, Partnerstiftung (Start 2021), and Team wemakeit, Zürich and Vienna
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ZeroWaste Ladencafé in Chur

Startup, Community, and Environment
Mit deiner Hilfe können Du und Deine Lieblingsmenschen bald in Graubündens erstem unverpackt Ladencafé, möglichst lokal, naturbelassen und saisonal einkaufen.
by obaaba, Chur
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Journal eines Alpsommers

Publishing, agriculture, and Art
Berufung Älplerin und Beruf Illustratorin: Ihren Alltag hat Lorena Paterlini in ein wundervoll illustriertes Tagebuch überführt, das die herausfordernden und schönen Seiten des Alp-Lebens erzählt.
by APPLAUS Verlag, Lorena Paterlini, and Fidea Design, Lucerne
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JOSH – White Creatures

Early this year we recorded twelve new songs on a lonely island in Norway that we want to release in spring 2018! Help us fund this production and get the new album early, or a chili oil, or... !!!
by JOSH, Zürich, Giske, and Toronto
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Basement Saints - Album

We’re finally recording our first Album. The EP was a success, but people want to hear more! Some of the finest modern Blues-Rock is yet to be recorded. We need your help to this.
by Basement Saints, Solothurn
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