Zetribu: a tour in the world

Film, Community, and Performing Arts
This project combines family, theatre, cinema, documentary, new technology, volunteering and pedagogy and is both a cultural act and a great desire to meet others!
by Ze Tribu - Un Tour Dans le Monde, Moscow, Shanghai, and San Salvador
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La Preuve Scientifique

La Preuve Scientifique de l’Existence de Dieu. Une comédie dramatique et décalée de Fred Baillif. Avec Irène Jacob, Sabine Bach et Jean-Luc Bideau.
by freshprod, Finhaut, Zürich, and Geneva
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« Free »!

« Free », a voice leading us deep, pure words, beautiful reunion between Dida (voice), F. Tafelmacher (piano), C. Calpini (percussion/production) & M. Demoulin (bass). And what if you help us recording ?!
by Dida Guigan, Lausanne
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