Launching Atelier 9

Fashion, Design, and Fair Trade


Launching Atelier 9

by Aurore de Geer, Muriel Laurent, and Oya Kozacioglu

Contribute to launching Atelier 9, an independent jewellery studio and shop in Geneva. Nothing is lost, all is transformed, the motto of 3 jewellers taking over the shop of a retired colleague.

107 %
CHF 26’900
163 backers
Duck Duck Grey Duck – 1st Album



Duck Duck Grey Duck – 1st Album

by Duck Duck Grey Duck

Lend your support to the process of the creation of Duck Duck Grey Duck’s very first album.

123 %
CHF 5’575
69 backers
Nice Time(s)



Nice Time(s)

by waniouchka

Nice Time(s) talks about love and cinema. People like Alain Tanner, Claude Goretta, Freddy Buache and loads of others share their stories about the last 60 years of cinema in Switzerland.

105 %
CHF 6’330
31 backers
Mad men are holy spirits



A man locked in a psychiatric hospital is having visions. He’s confronted with his psychiatrist’s rational perception. A short film questioning our perception of reality.

102 %
CHF 5’100
70 backers

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