Kommt Ben Wilson nach Zürich

Art and Kids / Youth


Kommt Ben Wilson nach Zürich

by Musée Visionnaire | Art Brut & Outsider Art Zürich

Ben Wilson ist ein Künstler in der Ausstellung «Himmelsstürmer*innen auf Kurs» im Musée Visionnaire. Eine Schulklasse lädt ihn ein, um aus hässlichen plattgedrückten Kaugummis Kunstwerke zu machen.

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Psilocybin and Depression

Science and Community


Psilocybin and Depression

by Katrin Preller and Franz X. Vollenweider

We want to conduct the world’s first placebo-controlled study to treat depression with psilocybin, the active ingredient of the magic mushroom. But we can’t do this without your help!

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Letzte Front

Photography, Exhibition, and Journalism


Letzte Front

by photoscene

«Wie das Außenministerium in Rom mitteilt, wurde Andrea Rocchelli am 23. Mai 2014 nahe der Rebellenhochburg Slawjansk durch Mörserbeschuss getötet.» (AP 25.05.2014)

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Sigmund Freud, Berggasse 19

Community, Exhibition, and Science


Sigmund Freud, Berggasse 19

by Sigmund Freud Museum

He was a taboo-breaker, creating a new image of man. Number 19 Berggasse, where Freud lived and worked, is undergoing renovation and his museum is to be enlarged. Help us to save this unique landmark!

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Katrina’s Dream

Film and Music


Katrina’s Dream

by Mirko Bischofberger

The new movie by Mirko and Dario Bischofberger is soon ready. Help us to record the originally composed film music with the official orchestra of Lecce and get film credits, olive oil or both!

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Dog Men



Dog Men

by Mirko Bischofberger

The new movie by Mirko and Dario Bischofberger – will soon be ready to watch. However, the film was done with such a small crew that there are almost no names in the credits. Interested in being part of it? ;-)

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Politics, Community, and Science



by Sanija Ameti (Operation Libero) and Mirko Bischofberger

Let's publish our suspicious «terrorist» faces on a full page of «20 Minuten» and set a sign together: No to the new terrorism law!

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