Book «Mid-Century Vienna»

Photography, Publishing, and Design
The representatives of «Mid-Century Modern» are omnipresent in Vienna. With our book, we embark on a search for the remaining legacy of the 1950s and 1960s.
by Tom Koch, Vienna
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HIEB Magazin

Photography, Publishing, and Design
Ganz Wien in einem Magazin: Das kontemporäre Printmagazin HIEB wird sich allen 23 Wiener Gemeindebezirken widmen. Erstellt von WienerInnen für WienerInnen, und für alle, die es gerne wären.
by HIEB, Vienna
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C-LAB: a cultural laboratory

Agriculture, Community, and Art
Help us to bring a historic farmhouse to life again and convert it into C-LAB, a place where interdisciplinary communication and creative production can happen. #code #arts #agro
by Lena Lapschina, Rappolz
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Ghostletters Vienna Book

Photography and Publishing
Ghostletters are fleeting urban witnesses to history and are generated wherever writing in public spaces is removed. We would like to dedicate Europe’s first book to these dying characters.
by Tom Koch, Vienna
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Photography, Publishing, and Community
Ein Buch mit 25 Texten und 180 Fotos. Ein Buch als Zeitdokument der Fluchtbewegung in Österreich, ein Buch als Fundraisingtool für Ute Bock und Train of Hope.
by Florian Rainer, Vienna
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The 8mm Project

Photography, Film, and Music
Cine film is the past. And film only exists, if it is seen. My performance «The 8mm Project» wants to bridge the gap between the very private image and the public one of it’s time.
by Alkis Vlassakakis, Steyr
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