face2face - Claudia Larcher

Exhibition, Film, and Art
«face2face» is the title of the latest series of works by artist Claudia Larcher. The planned installation for her exhibition in Bregenz includes a film, large-format prints and objects.
by Claudia Larcher, Bregenz
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Sigmund Freud, Berggasse 19

Exhibition, Science, and Community
He was a taboo-breaker, creating a new image of man. Number 19 Berggasse, where Freud lived and worked, is undergoing renovation and his museum is to be enlarged. Help us to save this unique landmark!
by Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna
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Last Year of Congo Mirador

Film, Politics, and Kids / Youth
A documentary about the small neglected village Congo Mirador, built on stilts in the middle of Lake Maracaibo (VE), Latin America's largest oil field. One village, one country, sinking in violence.
by Anabel & Sepp, Congo Mirador
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Saving: Die Stadt ohne Juden

Film and Community
DIE STADT OHNE JUDEN / THE CITY WITHOUT JEWS (1924) is one of the most significant films in the history of Austrian cinema and it is a socio-political monument. Help us to save it from decaying!
by Filmarchiv Austria, Vienna
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Magdas LOKAL goes Klagenfurt

Food, Design, and Community
Mitten in Klagenfurt eröffnen Gastro-Profis Magdas LOKAL, das Flüchtlingen Arbeit und Ausbildung ermöglicht. Auf 240qm trifft orientalische Küche auf charmanten Service. Richte das Lokal mit uns ein!
by Caritas Kärnten, Klagenfurt
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Wiener Philharmoniker Haus

Music and Community
Supporting various social projects is part of who we are. «Wiener Philharmoniker Haus für Asylsuchende» will set an example of humanitarianism and «harmony».
by Wiener Philharmoniker, Sankt Aegyd am Neuwalde
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Community and Performing Arts
OUTSIDERS is a sociocultural experiment. A refugee’s help Charity project. A project that needs your support!
by TheaterArche, Vienna
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