Kombi ist ein Bildungs- und Tandemprojekt für und mit Menschen, die von einem negativen Asylentscheid betroffen sind. Gemeinschaft statt Isolation!
by Solinetz and NCBI Schweiz, Zürich
102% funded
CHF 32’873 pledged
229 backers

Support for Refugee Start-Up

Food, Startup, and Community
Support an Afghan refugee family on their way to financial independence. It’s Khatere’s dream to run her own culinary business. One of her goals is to operate a food trailer. She needs your help!
by Afghan Laziz, Zürich
104% funded
CHF 31’345 pledged
162 backers

Oxygen Plant for Nepal

We are saving lifes. We plan to set up an oxygen plant at the Chhetrapati Free Clinic (hospital) and buy 10 oxygen concentrators.
100% funded
CHF 18’132 pledged
115 backers

Help India Breathe!

Food, Community, and Technology
With a lack of food and oxygen supplies, the second wave of COVID has hit India hard leading to 2000+ deaths per day. Your support through oxygen supply, community kitchens & food kits can save lives.
by Humane Warriors, Amal Mansoor, and Naveen Shams, Zürich, Mumbai, and Delhi
147% funded
CHF 44’129 pledged
288 backers

Aid Refugee & Migrant Talent

Startup, Community, and Education
COVID-19 has made the tough life of refugees and migrants tougher. At Capacity Zurich, we help to build their companies & identities in Switzerland! Help us to support their entrepreneurial education!
by Capacity, Zürich
119% funded
CHF 35’758 pledged
167 backers

Help Nepal during Corona

Fair Trade and Community
Corona hits Nepal hard. We support our producer in Nepal. Help us to reduce the financial worries and to cover the fixed costs. For the benefit of all employees.
by TGIFW - THANK GOD IT'S FAIR WEAR, Kathmandu and St. Gallen
130% funded
CHF 6’535 pledged
52 backers

Give Our Past A Future

Startup, Design, and Community
Designers in Switzerland and Syrian artisans are working together with a purpose to preserve and empower. Take action to help sustain the livelihood of Syrian artisans and save centuries of know-how.
by Zouher Adwan, Zürich
113% funded
CHF 28’307 pledged
186 backers

Be Maayee

Fashion and Community
Maayee uses fashion to create dialogue and designs that raise awareness about issues that affect us all. Help us launch our online store and support primary school girls in Sierra Leone.
by Maayee, Zürich
20% funded
CHF 2’020 pledged
23 backers