Kids / Youth, art, and Literature


The Red Mountain

by Astrid Kemper

«The Red Mountain» is a richly illustrated picture book in four languages: Dutch, French, English and German. This book is for everybody who loves the mountains – grown-ups and children alike.

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Film, Politics, and Community


Dynamic Wisdom

by Austine et Elise Anakwenze, Dynamic Wisdom, and Ghost Note Records

Street life. We are African in Switzerland. A documentary film without restraint that talks about racism, civil disobedience, friendship and solidarity. Your support will finance the editing!

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Music and Festival


ASIMA est un projet inédit qui mélange la musique traditionnelle d'Asie avec le jazz-rock. Un album sera enregistré avant de présenter le nouveau spectacle les 18,19,20 août au Balcon du Ciel (Nax)

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Music and Art

Sion and Sierre

Rencontre entre la musique du Latitudes Trio et le pinceau d’Eric Bovisi. Un mélange incroyable !!
Participez à la finalisation de l’aventure picturo-musicale «Tube of colors»

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