Performing Arts


Le Révizor de Nicolas Gogol + du jeu + du chant + de la danse + le Théâtre de Grand-Champ à Gland + 12 comédiens + 5 professionnels = une comédie musicale à la Russe du 29 septembre au 2 octobre.

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Film and Music


Videoclip Don Clemenza

by Christoph Steiner

HILDEGARD LERNT FLIEGEN will release their fourth album in March 2014 and for the song DON CLEMENZA, Maria Sigrist will produce a Video. To really fly, Hildegard needs sound and image!

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Music and Festival

Biel/Bienne and Nidau

Lucifest, Metal Festival

by Comité Lucifest

A Metal festival in the heat of summer, easily accessible, full of fun activities and great concerts, and swarmed by awesome fans: let’s make it real !

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