Save the turtles !

Community and Environment
Let's protect the Green Turtles of the Comoros Islands against poaching and create jobs for 4 eco-guards who will patrol the beaches and thus ensure the protection of the turtles.
by Swiss Cetacean Society, Ivan, and Laura Galbiati, Moroni and Lausanne
104% funded
CHF 12’594 pledged
113 backers

Contribuez à mon album !

Je me lance dans la réalisation de mon album : «Dreams & Reality» avec des chanteuses et chanteurs locaux mais aussi internationaux! Cela fait plus de dix ans que je produis divers genres musicaux.
by Noom Musik, Aigle
101% funded
CHF 8’081 pledged
45 backers

Stop Plastic! – Goa (India)

Kids / Youth, tourism, and Environment
Help us launching an environmental awareness campaign in India! We fight plastic pollution, and protect the endangered marine wildlife of Goa.
by Swiss Cetacean Society and Ivan, Goa Velha and Lausanne
101% funded
CHF 20’329 pledged
189 backers