Julien (cousin Tetelle)

Little Dakar

Film, Journalism, and Community

Buenos Aires

Little Dakar

by Valentine de Dardel and Adrián Cobos

A medium-length documentary project that needs your support to get off the ground! Help seven Senegalese street vendors in Buenos Aires expose their reality and denounce police repression.

123 %
CHF 8’630
80 backers
Le Risoux, forêt mythique

Publishing, art, and Environment

Le Lieu and Chapelle-des-Bois

Le Risoux, forêt mythique

by Vincent Delfosse and Laurent Willenegger/wildsideproductions.ch

Un livre pour s'immerger dans la plus grande forêt de Suisse, en suivant les aquarelles, photographies, récits et poésies ramenés par deux artistes naturalistes un brin ensorcelés... et émerveillés !

190 %
CHF 20’604
185 backers

Performing Arts



by Livio Borel

To use circus arts in order to raise awareness about human rights to the young and old. This is the aim and ambition of the project from Cirqu’en Choc.

101 %
CHF 20’210
94 backers

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