Lazerkaat – 2nd album

Time has come for Lazerkaat to honor his hairy majesty with a new new album. Help us, make your offerings!
by Lazerkaat, Lausanne
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Cylure Binchroom Lausanne

Food and Community
Trois amis, un binchroom. Mais pas que.
Des produits artisanaux et locaux, le bar dont nous rêvons pour bosser, vous accueillir et pèdzer.
by Cylure Binchroom, Lausanne
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LUFF - Lausanne Underground Film&Music Festival

Film, Music, and Festival
This whole world's wild at heart and weird on top. This statement from David Lynch is what the LUFF has been proving and showcasing through sounds and images for over 10 years.
by LUFF, Lausanne
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