LimeTree Camp

Food, Kids / Youth, and Sport
LimeTree Camp is a vacation experience for children aged 9-12. It combines awareness and learning about nutrition, health and sustainability with cooking and movement.
by LimeTree Camp, Karin Frei Sawaneh, and Martina Frank, Zürich and Thalwil
104% funded
CHF 2’600 pledged
25 backers

Collection La p'tite graine

Kids / Youth and Literature
Spiritualité et philosophie sous forme de contes pour les enfants dès 7 ans. Des contes qui éveillent, qui nourrissent l’âme et contribuent à une vision du monde faite d’amour et d'espérance.
by Christine, Sion
132% funded
CHF 10’600 pledged
110 backers

Berlingot erotic condensed

Publishing, Community, and Art
B E R L I N G O T is an erotic and artistic magazine exploring gender and sexuality fluidity through a selection of 40 artists.
by BERLINGOT, Toulouse, Paris, and Geneva
107% funded
EUR 6’440 pledged
126 backers