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Conférence Re-Source

by Auriane Page

Contribuez à la mise sur pied de la conférence Re-Source qui sera organisée le samedi 9 septembre 2023 de 9h à 18h à l’Hôtel Aquatis pour mettre en lumière le développement personnel avec des coachs.

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Music, Performing arts, and Art

Lausanne, Appenzell District, and Caracas

Tinaja records its first album: Amanecer Casero. An album of 6 tracks including one composition and 5 rearranged covers. The continuation of a wonderful story ...

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Goddesses among us

by Fizzy Beard

After three years of passion, hard work, sleeplessness, worries and joys, I am finally able to produce the first opus of Goddess among us.

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