Exhibition and Community


We started collecting historical shop signs 6 years ago. In order to preserve this cultural heritage of the city, we want to display selected original signs again on a public fire wall.

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Film, Community, and Festival


this human world

by this human world

this human world – International Human Rights Film Festival needs your support for the 9th edition, which takes place in between Dec 1st and Dec 11 in Vienna, Austria.

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Film and Community

Traiskirchen and Vienna

Refugee Film Workshops

by Anabel & Sepp and this human world

There are 1200 child-refugees without parents in Austria’s largest refugee camp. In a series of workshops we will create short films, which will be shown as part of the this human world film festival.

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Fashion, Design, and Technology

Vienna, Linz, and Graz


by LIEBLINGSBRAND.at, MILCH.tm, and Cloed Baumgartner

LIEBLINGSBRAND wird der erste und einzige Online-Shop-in-Shop für lokal produzierte, österreichische Designprodukte, die man endlich bequem vom Sofa aus kaufen kann. Herrlich nervzeitsparend!

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Vienna and Lisbon

The disobedient consul

by Uli Jürgens

1940. Escape. Exile. Austria. France. Portugal. Law versus morality. A film. We look for stories behind history. There’s not much missing.

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