Goodbye Pumpwerk!

Community, Kids / Youth, and Sport


Goodbye Pumpwerk!

by Verein Trendsport

Goodbye Pumpwerk! It’s time for us to build a new roof over our heads! We want to ensure that our members and participants are able to enjoy their hobbies like skateboarding, BMX or scooters…in future at the portside of Basel.

108 %
CHF 27’103
181 backers
Bitch Queens – Album



Bitch Queens – Album

by Marcel – Bitch Queens

Bitch Queens release their new album «Kill Your Friends» 2014-10-31. The songs are recorded but even if the band did nearly everything to collect the money themselves we still need support.

132 %
CHF 3’967
76 backers
Kaschemme SuperSound

Architecture and Music


Ein neuer Dancefloor für Basel: Die Kaschemme soll eine Heimat für basslastige Clubmusik bieten. Damit wir so richtig loslegen können, brauchen wir eure Unterstützung. Who’s in?

168 %
CHF 12’670
88 backers
Zatokrev New Album



Zatokrevs new album «Silk Spiders Underwater» still need mixing, mastering and an artwork. In return, 8 Songs and 60 minutes of dark, apocalyptic and experimental metal are waiting for you.

103 %
CHF 4’145
50 backers
First Love Expo

Exhibition and Photography


First Love Expo

by Benedikt Wyss

Die First Love Expo erzählt die schönsten Geschichten aus der Basler Skateboard-Szene seit den 70ern. Ausgewählte Fotos, Filme, Berichte & Bretter zeigen wir ab dem 8. August im Parterre Basel.

106 %
CHF 3’182
47 backers
Port Land

Architecture, Community, and Sport


Port Land

by Betonfreunde beider Basel

We take matters in our own hands. A group of skateboarders build their own dream skatepark in Basel. Help us raise the money for material and tools.

259 %
CHF 10’370
112 backers

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