Trio Klavis & Peter Turrini

Music and Literature


On the album «In the name of love» music and poetry tell stories of love, fears and hopes of an adolescent. Trio Klavis plays music by their saxophonist Miha Ferk, Peter Turrini reads Peter Turrini.

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Let's Go Orchestral



Chamber Jazz Ensemble «Vienna Chamber Diaries» will celebrate its 10 year anniversary. Time for a special release! Help us to produce our 3rd album!

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Rettet die Firmamente



Unterstütze die Finanzierung unseres Konzerts für zeitgenössische Kammermusik mit oder ohne Publikum im BRICK-5 Wien am 19.6.2021, 19.30. Es findet die Uraufführung des Stückes «FIRMAMENTE» statt.

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Double Release


Vienna and London

Double Release

by Johannes

2 new albums of Jazz composer Johannes Berauer are in the making. A subtle blend of Jazz and chamber music («Vienna Chamber Diaries Vol.2») and an energetic Jazz quintet («Hourglass»).

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Artists Across The World



Artists Across The World

by Angelo Tatone

Be part of this DVD Production helping me promoting my new own compositions! Special guests such as Oz Noy, Rosario Giuliani, Walter Blanding, Thomas Gansch, Irene Malizia will play my music for you!

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