Swiss Tour 2022

Music, Dance, and Education
From the ghetto to performing on TV alongside my icons, dancing has been my way out of the streets and my source of joy. Today, thanks to you, I have the chance to tour Switzerland. It's lifechanging.
by Oziano Oriaku, Fribourg and Lagos
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Community, Sport, and Technology
Pelops is a sports project in Fribourg that plans to create a free mobile application allowing amateur athletes to meet up easily.
by Pelops - Fondateur, Suisse and Fribourg
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Grabación del primer disco

Somos Cesar Correa y Manon Mullener y formamos un dúo de piano desde hace un año en el cual interpretamos principalmente nuestras composiciones. Quisiéramos grabar nuestro primer disco!
by Manon Mullener, Fribourg
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Photography, Film, and Environment
Un documentaire et un reportage photo! Ensemble, nous réaliserons un projet de développement durable à Madagascar, puis une exposition et des cinéma-conférences à Fribourg!
by L'équipe Macromascar, Nouvelle Planète, and Association Glocal, Fribourg and Antananarivo
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