X-27 - the next Swiss EXPO

Exhibition and Community
The next Swiss EXPO should take place in 2027 on the Dubendorf Airfield. Do you want to tell your grandchildren that you were part of it? Then this is your chance to support our cause!
by Verein X-27, Dübendorf
124% funded
CHF 124’005 pledged
221 backers

Design Biennale Zürich 2017

Exhibition and Design
We aim to offer to the city of Zurich something that London, Helsinki and Vienna already have. A design event that becomes a highlight of culture.
by Design Biennale Zürich, Zürich
101% funded
CHF 15’265 pledged
122 backers

Socks by Thomas Jakobson

Fashion and Design
Thomas Jakobson – organic socks and bow ties, designed and made in the last Swiss socks factory. Preorder now – socks and bow ties for summer 2017!
by Thomas Jakobson, Bern
130% funded
CHF 15’710 pledged
159 backers

Mir langets!

Politics and Journalism
Lasst uns gemeinsam ein Zeichen setzen und mit dem Kauf der Frontseite der Zeitung «20 Minuten» auf die absurden Züge des aktuellen Wahlkampfs aufmerksam machen.
by Donat Kaufmann, Baden
106% funded
CHF 147’271 pledged
12247 backers