Fotobildband «Babica»

Photography and Publishing

Klagenfurt, Ravensbrück, and Vienna

Mit Bildern, die ich im letzten Jahr im ehemaligen KZ in Ravensbrück (Deutschland) zum Gedenken an meine ermordete Großmutter gemacht habe, möchte ich eine Publikation bei einem Verlag herausbringen.

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Anonymous was a Woman

Music and Community

Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich

Anonymous was a Woman

by Ferhan & Ferzan Önder

Empowerment! Music and art succeed in expressing what is difficult to explain socially. Support our project initiative together with international composers and artists.

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Sounds of the Past



Sounds of the Past

by Ensemble Ancor

We would like to start a concert project in which the music of the Renaissance is linked to the music of the Middle Ages – revealing the uniqueness and similarity of both.

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Trisomie 21 Festival 2016

Community and Dance


Trisomie 21 Festival 2016

by I Dance company

Since 2012 we have been organizing a Trisomy 21 Festival in Vienna every March. Artists with and without trisomy 21 perform together. We are currently preparing a new show for the 2016 season.

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I Love Veggie Burger

Food and Startup


I Love Veggie Burger

by Michael Raab, Doris Arthofer, and Martina Arthofer

«FRESH FOOD STATT FAST FOOD.» Mit diesem Motto revolutioniere wir den Markt für Systemgastronomie. «I Love Veggie Burger» steht für leckere und zu 100% vegane Burger, Salate, Wraps und Smoothies!

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