Salut Kidswear

Fashion, Design, and Kids / Youth
At Salut Kidswear we want to encourage and be inspired by kids’ creativity to carefully design our clothing with sustainable fabrics to preserve nature for future generations.
by Anne Lutz, Zürich and Amden
105% funded
CHF 16’833 pledged
124 backers

The Nice Magazine

Photography, Publishing, and Design
Insights into contemporary urban Africa through visual and written contributions by up-and-coming young African talents
by Klaym, Rahel, and Flurina & Franziska, Abidjan and Zürich
107% funded
CHF 26’786 pledged
255 backers

L'Apothèque déménage !

Startup, agriculture, and Environment
Votre pépinière de plantes utiles en culture biodynamique, labellisée DEMETER, déménage à Mézières (VD) sur un terrain plus grand afin de se développer et de créer en plus un projet de maraîchage.
by L'Apothèque du Jorat, Mézières
105% funded
CHF 30’465 pledged
275 backers

Atlas #1

Publishing and Art
Le collectif lausannois Anie Gold prépare une publication présentant une série de planches d’auteur en grand format. Soutenez-nous et assurez-vous de recevoir un exemplaire directement chez vous!
by Anie Gold, Lausanne
130% funded
CHF 3’530 pledged
73 backers

Larytta’s new music video

Film and Music
LARYTTA, a dynamic pop-duo from Lausanne, is coming back with a new album, to be released this fall. Our purpose? Making a music video for the single «OSAMA OBAMA».
by Larytta, Lausanne and New York
112% funded
CHF 9’010 pledged
67 backers