WAYA reinvent the toothpaste

Startup, Community, and Environment
The best toothpaste for your health and for the planet. My goal is to offer you a natural toothpaste, without plastic packaging, that is as good and as effective as a traditional toothpaste.
by waya, Sion
188% funded
CHF 13’203 pledged
272 backers

Lupi'Food – Swiss lupin

Food, agriculture, and Environment
Support us with the development of a new local and sustainable plant-protein value chain: from production to processing of Swiss lupin.
by LupiFood, Coralie Rognon, and Ludivine, Orbe
163% funded
CHF 29’392 pledged
184 backers

Easy home-grown food: APPA

Food, Technology, and Environment
Our automated garden grows your own organic vegetables for you - simple, healthy, sustainable. With no effort for you, all year round.
by Pleasant Plants, Zürich
106% funded
CHF 36’057 pledged
97 backers

Qaptis – CO2 free trucks

Startup, Technology, and Environment
Help develop a simple way for transportation companies to reduce their impact on the environment with on-board CO2 capture and storage.
by Yves Loerincik, Theodore Caby, and Masoud, Sion
112% funded
CHF 28’220 pledged
125 backers

De nouveaux abricots pour JN

Food, agriculture, and Environment
A Nendaz, Jeannot prévoyait planter 250 abricotiers cet été. Les lourdes pertes causées par le gel compromettent le projet. Parrainez un arbre pour permettre à Jeannot de préserver son exploitation !
by Jean-Noël Devènes, Nendaz
463% funded
CHF 83’390 pledged
690 backers

La Grange Maison

Performing arts, art, and Tourism
Take part in a local cultural project. LaGrandeMaison is becoming too small to accommodate growing audiences and renowned artists. We need you to extend your help in renovating our old boards.
by P'tit-Café-Théâtre de la Grande Maison, Savièse
117% funded
CHF 70’300 pledged
218 backers

MIZE en scène au Québec

Um mois de novembre outre-astlantic pour MIZE... Ce projet musical romand se produira au Coup de coeur francophone de Montréal, à la FrancoFête en Acadie, ainsi qu’à l’auberge d’Anjou!
by MIZE, L'Acadie and L'Acadie
120% funded
CHF 2’417 pledged
20 backers

Local Tigernut drink

Startup, Fair Trade, and Environment
Our project is to relaunch the local production of our tigernut-based drink.
Organic, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free product, competitive and suitable for any consumer.
by Back to Roots, Lausanne
38% funded
CHF 7’791 pledged
41 backers