Radio Gwendalyn

Journalism, Community, and Technology
Help Radio Gwendalyn to become everybody’s radio: a year of radio programs committed to local culture, alternative music, minorities and ethnic groups.
by Radio Gwendalyn, Chiasso
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Bellinzona Blues Sessions

Music and Festival
The Blues is back in Town! Bellinzona Blues Sessions 2015 (Summer Edition) is a Festival Open Air which take place from 25th to 27th June 2015, Piazza Governo – Bellinzona.
by Simona Rota, Bellinzona
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Uncle Joe’s Space Tour 2015

Final Step is a Tessiner band, that plays quality music into the progressive-jazz scene since 2003. In 2015 organizes a TOUR to present its new album «Uncle Joe’s Space Mill».
by Associazione Vibrisse sostiene FINAL STEP, Riva San Vitale
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