Io sono Nijinsky

Performing arts and Art
Freely adapted from the diaries of the star of the Ballets Russes. By and with Daniele Bernardi. Teatro Sociale (Bellinzona) 19.11.21.
Teatro Foce (Lugano) 26-28.11.21. Teatro Tan (Biasca) 4.12.21.
by Elisa Pagliaro and Daniele Bernardi, Lugano, Biasca, and Bellinzona
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Scrooge in Avignon

Performing arts and Festival
A dream comes true! Our «Scrooge» will be presented in Avignon: 22 performances at one of the world's biggest live performance festivals. An investment in our future!
by PerpetuoMobileTeatro, Avignon
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Grabación del primer disco

Somos Cesar Correa y Manon Mullener y formamos un dúo de piano desde hace un año en el cual interpretamos principalmente nuestras composiciones. Quisiéramos grabar nuestro primer disco!
by Manon Mullener, Fribourg
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freedom of speechless

Community and Performing Arts
«freedom of SPEECHLESS« is a physical theater performance with no words that deals with one of man’s most basic rights – the right of free speech. The performance is a Swiss-Israeli co-production.
by More Productions, Biel/Bienne, Lichtensteig, and Verscio
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Radio Gwendalyn

Journalism, Community, and Technology
Help Radio Gwendalyn to become everybody’s radio: a year of radio programs committed to local culture, alternative music, minorities and ethnic groups.
by Radio Gwendalyn, Chiasso
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