Isa Rose’s 2nd album!



As I am recording my 2nd solo album, I am now calling for your support with the wish to share this adventure with you. Join me now, discover my musical world and let’s achieve this album together!

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Album Matthieu LLODRA Trio



Album Matthieu LLODRA Trio

by Matthieu Llodra

Faites partie de l’aventure de notre premier album! Un mélange entre le studio et le live, tout ça pressé sur vinyle et sorti en automne 2016. On compte sur vous!

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The Chikitas record in USA!


Geneva, Lausanne, and Tucson

Help us funding our next album recording in the USA!

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The Toby May – The New Album


Geneva, Lucerne, and New York

My plan is to record a new solo album of my original material in professional studios (Soundfarm, Kitchen Studio & Dulcitone). Thank you for your support!

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CHF 12’520
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Le Roi Angus


Geneva, Fribourg, and San Francisco

Le Roi Angus

by Le Roi Angus

Pop psyché aux essences californiennes pour le couronnement du Roi Angus. Réalisé entre Genève et San Francisco, le premier album paraîtra en 2015, avec votre soutien!

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Nice Time(s)



Nice Time(s)

by waniouchka

Nice Time(s) talks about love and cinema. People like Alain Tanner, Claude Goretta, Freddy Buache and loads of others share their stories about the last 60 years of cinema in Switzerland.

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Prisma single release


Lima, Geneva, and Lausanne

Prisma achieved the recording of their debut album at Kitchen Studios with producer Yvan Bing. They need your support to release of their first single in 2015.

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