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Publishing, Community, and Art
A handbook for artistic research with recipes to cook and other instructions by the artists of Arc artist residency in Romainmôtier.
by Sally, Romainmôtier, Fribourg, and Lausanne
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CHF 7’404 pledged
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Politics, Journalism, and Sport
We want to preserve our national, regional and local radios and TV channels. We want to preserve Swiss cinema, music and sports! Help us in our campaign against the No Billag initiative!
by médias pour tous - medien für alle - media per tutti, Bern
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Double album vinyle

Le groupe de rock suisse Ciel A Vendre souhaite presser un double album vinyle, limité à 100 exemplaires, avec votre aide.
by Ciel A Vendre, Geneva
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XY in the Sky

Art and Technology
Sisters XY are back into a new adventure, riding the clouds-Big Brother is invited, disguised into a GoProA compilation of videoclips will be released this autumn featuring great artists. XY can’t wait to share their thrill with your initials on their back while flying!
by Sisters XY, Bex
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Heidi vs Zombies

Film and Comics
Heidi vs Zombies is a feature film screenplay we wish to adapt into a graphic novel. A «Zombimedie» based on the adventures of the Swiss national hero, Heidi.
by Ruiz Cardinaux Entertainment, Geneva
107% funded
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La Gaarde (Spectacle de rue)

Performing Arts
Un détachement de la garde Suisse est censé secrètement livrer le Saint Graal à l’église locale, malheureusement cette dernière est fermée. Ils vont devoir faire bonne figure en attendant…
by Le Bestiaire à Pampilles, Geneva, Aurillac, and Toulouse
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