Thomas Schmalfeldt


Film and Kids / Youth

Phnom Penh


by ND Strupler

A Documentary Film featuring a Kid living in the Slums of Phnom Penh. This short film will raise awareness about the reality of the children working to survive.

111 %
CHF 950
8 backers
Metsästä / From The Woods

Photography and Publishing

Helsinki and Lausanne

ANNE GOLAZ's coming photography book: METSÄSTÄ! A bewitching story, taking place in the heart of the Finnish forest! Published by KEHRER Verlag! Welcome to take a look into the Nordic woods!

103 %
CHF 2’580
24 backers
Kapnorth goes Iceland


Lucerne and Iceland

Iceland. That magical place we want you to feel, when you’re listening to our debut album. That’s why we will record it there – 3 years of hard work come to a beginning.

101 %
CHF 5’596
45 backers
Liebe Grüsse Postkartenbuch

Art, Publishing, and Design


Liebe Grüsse Postkartenbuch

by Jürg Lindenberger

Endlich tolle Postkarten für dich und deine Freunde. «Liebe Grüsse» macht es möglich.

35 %
CHF 491
10 backers

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