Local Colours

Fashion, Design, and Environment
Can avocado peelings or red cabbage leaves be used to dye textiles? Yes, it’s possible! Different vegetable residues from the local food industry can be transformed into unexpected natural dyes. Local Colours wants one thing: to continue this adventure along with you!
by Caroline Fourré, Zürich, Lausanne, and Yverdon-les-Bains
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Comics Tour de Suisse

Publishing and Comics
Die besten Zeichner der Schweiz erzählen mit Comics bizzare Episoden und stille Bubenträume von der Tour de Suisse. Väter des Projektes sind der Zeichner Marc Locatelli und der Autor Martin Born.
by Marc Locatelli, Martin Born, and Dominik Allemann, Zürich
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FragmentsofMetropolis Berlin

Publishing and Architecture
Fragments of Metropolis celebrates Expressionist architecture, the style of the Golden Twenties, in Berlin – brought together and comprehensively documented for the first time.
by Christoph Rauhut / Niels Lehmann, Zurich and Berlin
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Book «Designing TWA»

Publishing, Design, and Architecture
The TWA Terminal is one of the best-known buildings of our time. The lack of a book on the icon of the 1960s is all the more surprising. «Designing TWA» shall fill this gap.
by Kornel Ringli, New York and Zurich
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Glarner Alpbuch

Photography, Publishing, and Agriculture
Fast 90 Alpen hat das Glarnerland. 90 Lebensräume auf Zeit, jeder mit seinem eigenen Charakter, seinen eigenen Geschichten. Wir haben sie aufgespürt und wollen sie in einem Buch vereinen.
by Glarner Alpbuch, Canton of Glarus
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