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We Fancy

AltShift a degrowth festival

Festival, Education, and Environment

Gars am Kamp

AltShift a degrowth festival

by Shift Slow Association

A week of critical and creative educational content celebrating degrowth, community, ally ship and eco-social strategies. Support our vision and become a part of it!

63 %
EUR 3’167
9 days to go
Tiny Dining House 🏠

Food, tourism, and Environment

Horgen and Zürich

Tiny Dining House 🏠

by Carla O. and Bloch Private Dining

Expirience a unforgettable dinner with your loved ones or a sleep over under the starry sky. What's missing: the undercarriage, a few new windows, the interior and you!

19 %
CHF 1’570
28 days to go
Clementine - The Mobile Bar

Food, Festival, and Tourism


Clementine - The Mobile Bar

by Jonathan Bornand

A mobile cocktail bar, in a retro-chic van that you can rent for your events, with super-original cocktails made by Bornand Liquors & Co?

60 %
CHF 12’030
11 days to go
New Physio Gym in Aathal

Community, Sport, and Startup

Seegräben and Zürich

We are finally able to reach our dream of running our own health care practice with a new physio gym. The space is soon ours and with your help, we will be able to fill it with the best equipment.

86 %
CHF 21’575
3 days to go

Now! Projects

Playing in Memphis & L.A.

Music, Festival, and Performing Arts

Memphis and Los Angeles

Dan Mudd & bearbeat brauchen deine Hilfe, um den grossen Schritt nach Amerika zu machen und die Schweiz an der International Blues Challenge in Memphis zu vertreten! Und 3 Auftritte an der NAMM Show!

90 %
CHF 13’510
21 days to go
Diabetes Supply for Belize

Technology, Education, and Science

Belize City

Diabetes Supply for Belize

by Judith Mendez and DCB

People's Diabetes Foundation: Enabling diabetes care in Belize. We provide a haven for our community by advocating & empowering awareness, prevention, education, and support through our daily services

47 %
CHF 2’389
19 days to go
Brante de Bernex : CD 2023



La Brante de Bernex, musique villageoise de la commune de Bernex à Genève, a pour projet la sortie d'un nouvel album en 2023-2024 autour des musiques populaires provenant des 4 régions de la Suisse.

64 %
CHF 1’600
14 days to go
Construire la Paix au Sahel

Environment, Kids / Youth, and Education

Dori and Geneva

Soutenez les victimes des conflits armés au Burkina Faso! Aidez les enfants à retourner à l'école, favorisez l’indépendance financière des femmes, ou participez à la reforestation de la région 📚 🌱

135 %
CHF 2’028
12 days to go

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