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The EPFL Startup Booster is a unique opportunity to support disruptive ideas, new products and services that will change the world for the better.

Whether you are a startup project supported by the EPFL Startup Launchpad or an EPFL startup that is in the pre-commercialization phase, the EPFL Startup Booster will help you share your pioneering technology and disruptive ideas with the world - offering everyone a chance to be part of shaping the future.

Join us now, we will help you get ready for a successful crowdfunding campaign and boost your project with up to CHF 3’000! You will find further details and conditions for participation here.

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Unki : your travel companion

Startup, Technology, and Tourism


Unki : your travel companion

by areisde and GabVeigas

Unki redefines travel by personalizing it for you. Dive into a hassle-free adventure, entirely shaped according to your desires. Discover the revolution of tailor-made travel.

106 %
CHF 10’635
65 backers
Adamu | Be your own composer

Startup, Music, and Technology


Help us democratize music composition. A project where music scores meet artificial intelligence to explore and train our creativity.

101 %
CHF 15’165
53 backers
Synature - Wolf Monitoring

Startup, Technology, and Animals

Lausanne, Glarus, and Sion

Synature - Wolf Monitoring

by Miya, Olivier, and Adrian & Noah

We are 4 nature loving engineers that want to enable the co-existence of humans and wildlife. Our goal is to develop a smart mic that can detect the howling of wolves in real-time to help rangers.

103 %
CHF 20’710
54 backers
Yuzu,  tomorrow's cuisine

Food, Technology, and Environment


Let's build together the future of food and cooking. A year ago we were dreaming about it. Today, we have never been so close to finally realizing this dream.

100 %
CHF 25’113
55 backers
Soleva – Solar electric van

Technology, Environment, and Education


Soleva – Solar electric van

by Curdin W., Matthieu B., and Soleva Solar Team

With your support, we convert an old camper into an electric home on wheels, self-powered by 100% renewable energy. A project to inspire society to a sustainable transition in both mobility and energy

147 %
CHF 29’583
131 backers
Time Designers

Startup, Design, and Technology


Time Designers

by Guillaume Bonneau, Pierre-Amaury Anton, and Pierre Coutaz

Help us create the first Swiss made watch brand deeply rooted in digital art. Join our community to write the future of watchmaking together.

159 %
CHF 15’970
40 backers
Qaptis – CO2 free trucks

Startup, Technology, and Environment


Qaptis – CO2 free trucks

by Yves Loerincik, Theodore Caby, and Masoud

Help develop a simple way for transportation companies to reduce their impact on the environment with on-board CO2 capture and storage.

112 %
CHF 28’220
125 backers

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