Science Booster

Run your science campaign on and receive support from the Science Booster team! It is composed of Mirko Bischofberger and Luc Henry, two former researchers and communication professionals with a true passion for science. They will help you reach your goal and maximize your impact!

Over the past 4 years, the Science Booster Channel has helped raise over 1 million Swiss francs for science projects! Because science can and should be communicated with a lay audience, and all citizen should be involved. We want to help you get the most out of crowdfunding.

Whether you are a researcher in a university willing to gain independence, or a free mind doing experiments in your garden or garage, the Science Booster is for you.

Start a project

You will find the conditions for participation and more information in the FAQ below. If you have any additional question, you can contact us by email at And follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates: @ScienceBooster

The Science Booster team offers support on the content of the campaign before its launch. For personalized communication support during the campaign, offers very useful packages. They will help you maximise the reach of your campaign and improve your chance of success!

Conditions of Participation

  • Your project falls into the science category.

  • Participation is open to everyone in Switzerland, Austria and Germany and can be in any scientific discipline.

  • When submitting the project, you must state that you wish to participate in the Science Booster.

  • All projects will go through standard application procedure before they receive specific assistance from the Science Booster team. We will send a confirmation in case you meet the requirements for the channel and will start the coaching immediately.


  • Q: Why a Science Booster?
  • A: We want to support innovative ways of conducting and communicating science. Our collaboration with explores crowdfunding as a tool to empower curious and courageous researchers who want to reach out to the public and share their passion for science. It gives everyone a chance to raise their own funds and to test unconventional scientific ideas.

  • Q: Who is the team behind the Science Booster?
  • A: The Science Booster team is composed of Mirko Bischofberger and Luc Henry. Mirko has a PhD in Molecular Biology from EPFL. Luc has a PhD in chemical biology from the University of Oxford. Both have a long experience in science journalists and science communicators. Mirko is also a film maker, and Luc is the co-founder of the DIY science laboratory Hackuarium.

  • Q: How can I benefit from the Science Booster?
  • A: When submitting your science project to, you must specify that you wish to participate to the coaching program by choosing the Science Booster. We will review your project, contact you with inputs and offer to help you with all aspect of the campaign.

  • Q: Do I need to be affiliated with a university or another research institution?
  • A: No. We love to work with professional scientists, but any individual with a personal project or a citizen science project can apply, independently of an institutional affiliation.

  • Q: Are there topics that are not allowed?
  • A: As long as there are no legal or ethical issues with the project, any research topic will be considered for the Science Booster. We reserve the right to reject projects that we believe are not aligned with our values.

  • Q: What amount can I ask for?
  • A: The campaign goal can be anything from a few hundreds to several thousands Swiss franks. The Science Booster has had very successful projects with goals over 100,000 CHF. We will provide you inputs on your goal after seeing your project.