André Noverraz

Design, art, and Education


Ecole de vitrail

by Ecole Suisse de Vitrail et Création

The Swiss School of Stained Glass will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year. However, today it is facing major challenges, it’s future being threatened by the sale of the building that houses it.

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Agriculture, Kids / Youth, and Education



by Olivia et David

Sustainable and social development project in permaculture aiming to grow food for the children of the school and teach pathways to self-sufficiency.

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Å, Joutsa, and Vevey

Dear readers, I ask for your help to get the opportunity to start a photographic project on the Arctic and Subarctic Regions!

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Film and Music


Syrian Metal needs your help

by Marie Alice Riley

Monzer is behind the documentary «Syrian Metal is War», and he’s currently residing in the Netherlands. Let’s help him to finish his movie and buy instruments for him and his band!

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CHF 7’437
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After the digital release of their eponymous debut EP on the 18th of February, the indie-rock band Alice Roosevelt now wishes to offer you the opportunity to listen to their music on a vinyl format!

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