Symphonic Youth

Film, Music, and Community

Saint Moritz, Geneva, and Zürich

Symphonic Youth

by Béatrice Mohr

’Symphonic Youth’ is a road-movie documentary about a hundred musicians of the Swiss Youth Symphony Orchestra.

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CHF 20’284
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Impact Fund 2023 – Vol. 4



Impact Fund 2023 – Vol. 4

by Verein Impact2020 and Team wemakeit

Energiekrise, Umweltzerstörung und Klimaerwärmung: die Uhr tickt. Wir brauchen vielfältige Lösungen, jetzt dringender als je zuvor! Unterstütze den Impact Fund 2023! Denn wir haben nur einen Planeten.

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Oba! ice cream for joy!

Food, Startup, and Art


Oba! ice cream for joy!

by Garance Vallier and Alice Escorel Boudreau

Finally! artisanal plant-based ice cream!

Oba! is a project that proposes locally-made artisanal ice cream that wishes to satisfy not only your sweet tooth but all your dietary and ethical needs.

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CHF 40’591
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Toilettes sèches / Togo



Toilettes sèches / Togo

by Association Métissages

Suite aux succès de notre projet pilote en juillet-août 2016, qui était la construction de 5 toilettes sèches dans le village de Kouenou au Togo, Métissages projette d’en installer 10 de plus...

106 %
CHF 8’905
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Zatar: CD Terra Aria



Zatar, réunion heureuse d’un violoncelliste classique et de trois musiciens de jazz, recherche encore quelques fonds pour finaliser la sortie de son 1er CD

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CHF 4’400
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CD «Les ânes rient de Marie»



Après de nombreux concerts, «Les ânes rient de Marie» sort son premier CD. Sept musiciens partageant la même envie d’une musique fraternelle, qui réchauffe le cœur et l’esprit.

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CHF 4’410
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Juneau and Delémont


by gabriel bonnefoy

Long-fiction film tracing the professional journey of Eliott, sent to Alaska for maintenance work on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. A journey which will slowly change into a initiatory trip.

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CHF 23’324
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Marc Liebeskind Hoje

Music and Art


Marc Liebeskind Hoje

by Marc Liebeskind

As a jazz guitarist and composer, but also of African, Brazilian and Indian music, my goal is to marry these musical genres on a single disc. I invite you to help me realize this project.

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CHF 2’865
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