Le vent se lève...

Food, Community, and Literature
Participate in the opening of a bookshop-café, also providing other pleasures, independent and generalist, in Saint-Ursanne, the gem of the Jura!

by Phaedra Othman, Saint-Ursanne
116% funded
CHF 32’670 pledged
210 backers

Dynamic Wisdom

Film, Politics, and Community
Street life. We are African in Switzerland. A documentary film without restraint that talks about racism, civil disobedience, friendship and solidarity. Your support will finance the editing!
by Casa Azul Films, Dynamic Wisdom, and Ghost Note Records, Suisse
102% funded
CHF 40’823 pledged
375 backers

Rescue Livemusic At Atlantis

Due to the Corona pandemic we had to cancel all events until further notice and are left without income, but with many costs. Be there for us, so that we can be there for you again.
by Verein Förderkreis, Basel
106% funded
CHF 44’916 pledged
288 backers


Community, Environment, and Education
OFFCUT übernimmt gebrauchte Materialien wie Stoff, Leder, Holz, Metall usw. und führt diese wieder dem aktiven Kreislauf zu.

Zürich braucht einen Materialmarkt für die kreative Wiederverwendung!
by Livia Krummenacher and hüpf*mal, Zürich
102% funded
CHF 20’540 pledged
175 backers

frauenstark! Filmfestival

Film and Community
Wir wollen das erste Frauen-Filmfestival der Schweiz auf die Beine stellen und brauchen dazu deine Unterstützung. Setz dich mit uns ein, die weltweite Unterdrückung von Frauen öffentlich zu machen.
by IAMANEH, Basel
104% funded
CHF 3’135 pledged
47 backers

Past | Present | Future

Publishing and Art
The magazine «Past | Present | Future», with it's 30 answered questionnaires is a comprehensive archive about women as art producers.
by Sira-Zoé Schmid, Vienna
144% funded
EUR 2’173 pledged
40 backers