Kulturhaus cheesmeyer

Performing arts, Music, and Community


Become part of our multifaceted culture and community program in the newly opened Kulturhaus cheesmeyer in Sissach!

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Lago Mio artist residency



Lago Mio artist residency

by Lago Mio and Benedikt Wyss

Above the roofs of Lugano in an old house, we opened an artist residency with very little money. Now we are collecting to pay tribute to the work of our first guests in an exhibition with a catalog.

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68-88-18 – Freiraum in Basel

Publishing, Exhibition, and Community


68-88-18 – Freiraum in Basel

by claudiomio and Benedikt Wyss

Vom 6. April bis 27. Mai ist an der Webergasse 34 in Basel eine Video-Ausstellung über «Freiraum in Basel» zu sehen. Via innovatives Ausstellungsbuch kannst du dir die Videos direkt nach Hause holen.

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Wellis Mac - Verona EP


Basel and Berlin

The Wellis Mac EP is my solo project and my first release since my days with Mañana. To realize my debut, I need your support!

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