One Cello



One Cello

by Ivan Turkalj

With my solo album, I celebrate the cello: from enchanting exuberance to jazzy power, from ancient sounds to groovy noises. Join me in exploring the world of the Cello!

104 %
EUR 8’870
81 backers
Neapolitan Songs vol.3

Music, art, and Literature


Neapolitan Songs vol.3

by Bryan Davis Benner

«Li Pisce Tornano!» means the fishes are back! It's also the title of our long awaited 3rd album of Neapolitan songs, featuring 11 exceptional arrangements by the legendary duo Cigliano & Gangi.

105 %
EUR 10’507
75 backers
The Erlkings: Haydnfeld

Music, art, and Literature

Vienna, Zürich, and Berlin

The 6th studio album of The Erlkings, featuring songs by Joseph Haydn. Enjoy stories of love, loss, and the idyllic country life in the completely made-up village of Haydnfeld on the river Sepp.

103 %
EUR 12’401
100 backers
Die gestiefelte Katze

Publishing, Music, and Kids / Youth

Vienna, Linz, and Waidhofen an der Ybbs

Die gestiefelte Katze

by Studio KECK

Ein altes Märchen in neuem Gewand. Geschrieben von Sarah Jeanne Babits, mit Musik von Johannes Berauer. Ein Musiktheaterstück mit CrossNova wird durch euch CD & Buch mit Illustrationen von Frau Isa.

104 %
EUR 15’612
96 backers
Ein bescheidenerer Vorschlag

Community, Performing arts, and Art


Unterstütze die Weltpremiere unseres Bouffontheaterstückes «Ein bescheidenerer Vorschlag» in Wien! Ein grotesker, humorvoller Abend bei dem das Lachen garantiert im Halse stecken bleibt!

101 %
EUR 6’766
88 backers
Baldachine von Smaragd


Dresden and Vienna

Baldachine von Smaragd

by Sarah Marie Kramer

This campaign supports the debut CD of Canadian dramatic soprano, Sarah Marie Kramer and the Dresden Chamber Soloists featuring works by Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss.

106 %
EUR 19’120
167 backers
Opera Premiere in Vienna

Music and Performing Arts


My name is Angel Hernández, the composer of the opera «The encounters of Alice». We need your support to make the premiere successful!

100 %
EUR 8’001
48 backers
Bryan Benner: The Modern Man


Vienna, London, and New York

Bryan Benner: The Modern Man

by Bryan Davis Benner

Frontman and founder of The Erlkings, Die Wandervögel and The Pool Boys, Bryan Benner presents his first solo album of original songs.

128 %
EUR 6’425
112 backers
New Piano Trio «I Love Pop»



Chamber music meets Pop: Our second album will be a love letter to pop music. Join us and be a part of creating this new recording!

109 %
EUR 9’755
77 backers
The Erlkings


Vienna and Zurich

The Erlkings

by The Erlkings

For our first Album «The Erlkings: Esssential Collection» we have chosen 12 of Schubert’s best songs and re-imagined them into the 21st century. Not only for Schubert Fans – Guaranteed!

102 %
EUR 10’293
139 backers

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