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Publishing, Community, and Art
A handbook for artistic research with recipes to cook and other instructions by the artists of Arc artist residency in Romainmôtier.
by Sally, Romainmôtier, Fribourg, and Lausanne
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Free Rental System @ KC LAB

Community and Art
We are facilitating a donation of technical equipment to «Kulturni Centar LAB» in Novi Sad, Serbia. The crew will use the equipment to open a free rental system for young artists. – When? 1st of july!
by INTRDPNDNCY, Novi Sad and Zürich
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a dissident room

Exhibition and Art
Création d’une oeuvre monumentale dans le Musée d’art du Valais.Un geste radicale, qui demande des moyens exceptionnels.
by Barbezat-Villetard, Sion
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