«Who Am I in M.E!?» Project

Film and Music
I am Miranda Elise, a 31 year old young artist with a Canadian mother and a Swiss father. I use my life experiences to write, compose, sing, rap and dance. Let's create this visual album together!
by Miranda Elise, Bagnes
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Queen's Underwear 1rst album

The Queen’s Underwear est un groupe Lausannois qui partage sur scène un mélange haut en couleur de strass et de Garage-Funk. Elles ont la niaque et besoin de toi pour financer leur premier album. <3
by Alice, Lausanne
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AD INFINITUM – 1st album

If your mind can see what your eyes don’t show you, if your heart can hear what your ears never dare to whisper, this album will project you into another era.
A real jewel of symphonic power metal!
by Melissa Bonny, Montreux
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4th Female Metal Fest 2018

Music and Festival
The association promotes rock/metal singers and supports victims of aggression/abuse. November 30: 2nd edition of «Women Vocals 187», and December 1: 4th edition of «Female Metal Fest» #metoo
by Katia Alcim, Geneva
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