Scrooge in Avignon

Performing arts and Festival
A dream comes true! Our «Scrooge» will be presented in Avignon: 22 performances at one of the world's biggest live performance festivals. An investment in our future!
by PerpetuoMobileTeatro, Avignon
108% funded
CHF 16’240 pledged
97 backers


Performing Arts
Weil das Dach unseres Wandertheaters nicht normgerecht ist, müssen wir es neu bauen.
Uns fehlen noch 30’000 CHF oder 28’302 €.
Mit deiner Hilfe finden wir diese letzten finanziellen Mittel!
by Aline & Martin, Cie Pas de Deux, Teufen
128% funded
EUR 36’292 pledged
241 backers

freedom of speechless

Community and Performing Arts
«freedom of SPEECHLESS« is a physical theater performance with no words that deals with one of man’s most basic rights – the right of free speech. The performance is a Swiss-Israeli co-production.
by More Productions, Biel/Bienne, Lichtensteig, and Verscio
100% funded
CHF 6’322 pledged
67 backers