Climate on the Plate

Community, Sport, and Environment
We love the mountains! That's why together as a community we want to make our visit to our favorite mountain hut more environmentally friendly and help to reduce the impact on nature.
by Protect Our Winters Switzerland, Zürich
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CO₂-Score of all foods

Science, Food, and Environment
We aim to calculate the CO₂ balance of 109,000 food products - and to make this data publicly available free of charge. This still needs some preparatory work. Can you help?
by Manuel Klarmann and Judith Ellens, Zürich
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Salut Kidswear

Fashion, Design, and Kids / Youth
At Salut Kidswear we want to encourage and be inspired by kids’ creativity to carefully design our clothing with sustainable fabrics to preserve nature for future generations.
by Anne Lutz, Zürich and Amden
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Celebrating 20 with a book!

Photography, Publishing, and Festival
The 20th anniversary of the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography will be celebrated with the publication of a catalogue, to be published in April 2016.
by Bieler Fototage, Biel/Bienne
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Photography and Publishing
The book Kodak City is a chilling testimony to what happened in the industrial city of Rochester, NY following the rise of digital photography and the abrupt decline of film.
by Catherine Leutenegger, Lausanne
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A summer with Kyrgyz nomads

4 months in a yurt with a Kyrgyz nomad family on the remote summer pastures at 3000m – a documentary about their hidden lifestyle, culture and traditions.
by Nadine Boller, Song-Kul
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