Publishing and Comics
Der Comic lässt die Saga um den griechischen Helden Odysseus in liebevoll und farbenprächtig gestalteten Bildern neu aufleben und uns den Wahrheitsgehalt des bekannten Mythos schmunzelnd anzweifeln.
by Edition Moderne and Andreas Kiener, Zürich
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B&B Finel am Thunersee

Food, Startup, and Tourism
Wir möchten den FINEL in Leissigen, ein herziges B&B mit Beizli und Sonnenterrasse, zu neuem Leben erwecken. Es wäre toll, wenn ihr uns beim Durchstarten unterstützt.
by B&B Finel, Leissigen
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Damien Hirst for Sale

Startup, Design, and Art
A Hirst belongs in every art collector's bathroom. Now available as a design object for the masses. 100% handmade in China, cheaper & more durable than any other Hirst you can find on the art market.
by Jeremie Jean-Ferdinand Maret, Shanghai, Zürich, and Basel
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Torrent magazine

Publishing and Art
Torrent is a yearly magazine focusing on source materials by artists, edited by Daniel Kurjakovic and Linda Jensen. It features previously unpublished material from artists ongoing research archives.
by Linda Jensen and Daniel Kurjakovic, Zürich, Paris, and Copenhagen
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165 celebration days: Dada!

Exhibition, Festival, and Art
In 2016 Dada will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Cabaret Voltaire will commemorate this happening by holding 165 days of festivities and by presenting a special exhibition. Support us in our activities and receive in return your personal holiday.
by Adrian Christopher Notz and Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich
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Hong Kong In Between 香港之間

Publishing, architecture, and Community
Hong Kong In Between retraces the history of STAG a stool-bag we have developed to explore the hidden back lanes and ambiguous public spaces of the city.
by Parallel Lab, Hong Kong
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Parade: Almond Chu

Photography, Publishing, and Art
PARADE, a photography project conceived by Almond Chu twelve years ago, consists of a fine art publication, a limited edition of archival prints and an exhibition to be held in Hong Kong in September.
by Almond Chu, Hong Kong
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David Rey & GBQ, 2nd CD solo

An unusual CD gathering an outstanding trombone soloist and a bold brass quintet. An encounter that, through an eclectic repertoire, comes out as unique and rich.
by David Rey, Chermignon, Brussels, and Geneva
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