Installation: Whitening Out

Exhibition, art, and Environment
Act 1: Tropical coral reefs | Art installation with 200 corals cast out of porcelain at the water bottom of the Lion Monument in Lucerne, which shine at night thanks to a fluoriscent glaze.
by claudiaschildknecht, Lucerne
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Basic Income for you

What would you do if your income was guaranteed?We are fundraising for Switzerland’s first Basic Income in order to experience and learn more about unconditionality.
by Verein Dein Grundeinkommen, Zürich
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Mir langets!

Politics and Journalism
Lasst uns gemeinsam ein Zeichen setzen und mit dem Kauf der Frontseite der Zeitung «20 Minuten» auf die absurden Züge des aktuellen Wahlkampfs aufmerksam machen.
by Donat Kaufmann, Baden
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Ground ’n’ Sound Tour

Politics, Festival, and Environment
So wie überall in der Schweiz Festivals aus dem Boden schiessen, so verstreut wird auch überall gebaut. Doch jetzt hast du mit uns die Chance die Zersiedelung richtig laut zu stoppen!
by Manuel Michel and Cyrill Bolliger, Bern, Lausanne, and Zurich
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Town Tests Future

Science and Community
We are testing the concept of Unconditional Basic Income with 770 residents of the Swiss village of Rheinau. To make it happen we start the largest ever crowd funding campaign in Switzerland. Join in.
by Dorf testet Zukunft, Rheinau
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