Les Nouveaux Gouverneurs

Film and Community
An independent documentary about return migrations in Haiti after the earthquake of 2010 to help the country’s reconstruction. The final touch? The post-production! Help us finance it!
by Célia Burnand et Aurélien Vallotton, Lausanne and Port-au-Prince
146% funded
CHF 7’320 pledged
86 backers

5 x 5. Photo Tracks

Photography and Publishing
5 x 5 = 25. In other words: 5 international experts trace a quarter of a century of photo history, each discussing 5 artistic approaches. This endeavor commemorates the 25th anniversary of EIKON.
by EIKON - International Magazine for Photography and Media Art, Vienna
110% funded
EUR 38’285 pledged
80 backers

Magie, Snowboard, Valais

Photography, Film, and Sport
Film – book – exhibition! Following a young team of snowboarders, the project enables you to travel the Valais and immerge into its snowy mountain summits!
by Thierry Sermier, Grimentz, Nax, and Bagnes
105% funded
CHF 6’349 pledged
41 backers

Ebullition: 25 ans 1 livre!

Publishing and Music
784 millions d’heures de bénévolat, 12,7 milliards de décibels cumulés, 8,5 millions de spectateurs, 278’322 croissants de nouvel an et une pin-up, enfin voilà Ebullition fête ses 25 ans avec un livre.
by Centre Culturel Ebullition, Bulle and Fribourg
176% funded
CHF 8’825 pledged
126 backers

Ateliers Bellevaux

Les Ateliers Bellevaux are opening a new space in September 2015 in order to welcome new artists, create a communal space to share knowledge and different techniques, to offer cultural events.
by Les Ateliers de Bellevaux, Lausanne
105% funded
CHF 21’080 pledged
90 backers