HUMUS sapiens retreat 2019

Science, agriculture, and Education
Open Soil: We conduct research on the secret ingredients that make plants happy. Let’s explore what is going on in the ground beneath our feet. Your chance to join and support the project!
by Julian Chollet (mikroBIOMIK), dusjagr, and Josephine Blersch, Munich
203% funded
EUR 9’160 pledged
22 backers

ReSeq: Reuse DNA Sequencers

Science, Community, and Education
We want to reuse older DNA sequencers and turn them into advanced instruments for more general scientific research. Help us develop software so everyone can repurpose and avoid wasting these machines.
by kaspar, jmarkham, and bengtsjolen, Lucerne
200% funded
CHF 10’048 pledged
27 backers

Damien Hirst for Sale

Startup, Design, and Art
A Hirst belongs in every art collector's bathroom. Now available as a design object for the masses. 100% handmade in China, cheaper & more durable than any other Hirst you can find on the art market.
by Jeremie Jean-Ferdinand Maret, Shanghai, Zürich, and Basel
101% funded
EUR 42’420 pledged
106 backers

C-LAB: a cultural laboratory

Agriculture, Community, and Art
Help us to bring a historic farmhouse to life again and convert it into C-LAB, a place where interdisciplinary communication and creative production can happen. #code #arts #agro
by Lena Lapschina, Rappolz
101% funded
EUR 15’153 pledged
98 backers

«frfr gaht go ida-da»

In der Idastrasse 46 in Zürich verschmelzen ab 1.Mai – 31.Mai in einem Artist-Run Space Objekte, Installationen und performative Interventionen zu einem Kaleidoskop, dass das innere Kind wecken soll.
by Johanna Saxen und Greg Tomlinson, Zürich
129% funded
CHF 3’899 pledged
15 backers

Torrent magazine

Publishing and Art
Torrent is a yearly magazine focusing on source materials by artists, edited by Daniel Kurjakovic and Linda Jensen. It features previously unpublished material from artists ongoing research archives.
by Linda Jensen and Daniel Kurjakovic, Zürich, Paris, and Copenhagen
119% funded
CHF 11’341 pledged
75 backers

#LSD75 – Social Sculpture

Science, Festival, and Art
For the 75th jubilee of the LSD discovery, we create a «Social Sculpture»: a 4-day long space centered around LSD - for science, dialog, creativity and personal expression.
by #lsd75, Basel
12% funded
CHF 5’581 pledged
52 backers