Elles, les (in)visibles

Film, Politics, and Community
A documentary film on the lived realities of undocumented women in Geneva. They live in Geneva, they clean our offices, our houses, take care of your families, yet they remain invisible.
by Maegriff, Geneva
215% funded
CHF 8’629 pledged
130 backers

Impact Fund 2021: Next Level

Together, we can do it: We are giving 20 top crowdfunding projects, all of which have exhibited a positive impact on climate – a boost. Get involved today to help shape a better world for tomorrow.
by Verein Impact2020, Partnerstiftung (Start 2021), and Team wemakeit, Zürich and Vienna
216% funded
CHF 541’690 pledged
2323 backers

Café des Alpes in Gryon

Food, agriculture, and Tourism
Follow me for the openning of the Café des Alpes in Gryon !
by Victor Bavaud, Gryon
165% funded
CHF 82’892 pledged
216 backers

Alter Keller

Agriculture and Community
Das Weingut «Le Feuillerage» hat Sie nötig! Mit Ihrer Hilfe werden wir unseren alten Keller renovieren.
by Cédric Gaillard, Perroy
212% funded
CHF 37’125 pledged
185 backers

Investigating murky waters

Publishing, Journalism, and Environment
Laying the facts bare can change the world. Support two unprecedented and essential investigations to shine a spotlight on the dubious practices used by Swiss companies in poor countries.
by Public Eye, Lausanne and Zürich
207% funded
CHF 31’131 pledged
325 backers

Werkstatt für Solarkocher

Community and Environment
Hilf uns, im sonnigen Gambia eine kleine Schreiner-Werkstatt zu bauen, in der wir Solargeräte zum Kochen und Trocknen herstellen und Jungschreiner ausbilden können.
by Tiloo Gambia, Jambur
104% funded
CHF 10’386 pledged
78 backers

Roulotte à Tacos !

Food and Community
Vegetarien & vegan Tacos 100% handmade, whith organic food coming directly from farms, fresh, raw, and cooked whit a lot of love. We are in diferent markets like Le Chenit, Yverdon, and prived events
by Sur la Route des étoiles Filantes, Morges, Yverdon-les-Bains, and Le Chenit
108% funded
CHF 14’386 pledged
34 backers

Bouge toi contre le cancer!

Community, Kids / Youth, and Sport
Nous souhaitons soutenir le programme PASTEC qui consiste à aider des enfants traités pour un cancer à continuer de faire du sport. Afin d'améliorer leur capacité physique et leur qualité de vie.
by Jonathan, Luca, Saeïf and Luca Ineichen, Saint-Sulpice
9% funded
CHF 680 pledged
13 backers

CHASS – New mountain Cheese

Food and Agriculture
The new CHASS mountain cheese is produced according to his own recipe and maintained to the maturity. 2017 to set up: restore sanitary infrastructure, arched cellar, substitute means of transport.
by «VENT de CIEL» Affinage de fromage, Plateau de Diesse
4% funded
CHF 1’140 pledged
13 backers

La 7e Porte, Espace Culturel

Film, Community, and Kids / Youth
La 7e Porte ouvrira en novembre à Yverdon-les-Bains. Il y sera proposé diverses activités: projections cinématographiques, découvertes culturelles pour enfants, concerts,...
by Association La 7e Porte, Yverdon-les-Bains
16% funded
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