Nina Dimitri + Band / new CD



Nina Dimitri launches a new CD with self-written songs in Italian and you have the chance to support and to be a part of this project, with wonderful rewards: the CD, private concerts and much more..

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Film, Music, and Performing Arts



by Stradini Theater

In LAMPEDAME, authentic meets bizarre, the spirit of time meets the village square. Help to realize a piece of surreal outdoor theatre. Bring us to light!

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Performance The scent of imprints

Performing Arts

Milan and Locarno

I Patom Theatre gives life to poems of the avant-garde author Daniil Kharms. The play The scent of imprints deals with social issues such as poverty, injutice and absurdity of human daily lifes.

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Uataueist Project

Community, Performing arts, and Environment

Kanchipuram, Bengaluru, and Verscio

Uataueist Project


The Project:1)Creation of the show PLASTIKKATTI using recycled material.2)One month workshop with the students of KATTAIKKUTTU SANGAM.3)Creation of a collective show with the students.

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